Muslim Democratic Caucus  of  Texas

MDC Founder : Dr. Inayat Lalani  (             - 12/10/2012)

Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas is a grassroots political action committee (PAC) within the Texas Democratic Party. 
The group was founded by Muslim political activists under the leadership of visionary Dr. Inayat Lalani in 2004.  In addition, the Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas is the founding chapter of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus, which hosted the first Muslim caucus in any political party at a national convention).
MDCT has represented the local and statewide Muslim community by actively participating in every Texas Democratic Party Convention since 2004. MDCT is organizing and motivating the Muslim community to exercise their civic duty and to participate in the Democratic Party by hosting information booths, voter registration drives, candidate outreach and candidate volunteer programs.
MDCT strives increase Muslim voter turnout and encourage members of the Muslim community to pursue positions within their local chapters as precinct chairs as well as state and national offices as chair and committeepersons, as well as political candidates.

 Muslim Democratic Caucus